Dec 1997 

Selections from the last live performance of echolyn have been released on the 2-CD Prog Day '95 set, which also includes some of the other bands that played at the festival (Ozone Quartet, Timothy Pure, Discipline, and Bon Lozaga). Prog Day '95 was held on September 3, 1995 in Chapel Hill, NC.

 April 1998

A confused press mistakenly reports that Brett Kull is recording a cover of a Drifters tune when he announces he's spending 40 hours a week working "Up on the roof."

  May 9th, 1998

Upcoming Mask and Wig show with Discipline

 July 18th, 1998

Upcoming Cafe Tatoo gig with Dark Aether Project and Grey Eye Glances.

Dec 31, 1998

Upcoming New Year's Eve party

Dec 31, 2000

Throw your computer away