To order any Always Almost or Still CD:

  · Click HERE and e-mail Geoff at Pleasant Green Records

  · Call Chris at Of Sound Mind to order CDs over the phone: (410) 893-9048, or order on the Of Sound Mind web site.

· Order from M&M Music : "This is the latest from Former Echolyn members, Brett Kull, Paul Ramsey, and Ray Weston. There is certainly an Echolyn influence here but it is an album that features their talents and moves to new ground. The musicianship is excellent as usual. Price: 13.99"

  · In Sweden: the missing piece CD mail order, Robertsfors, Sweden : [one of] "The best 20 albums at the moment - symphonic /progressive/progmetal ... ALWAYS ALMOST - God pounds his nails. (2857) Prog.  Yes, this was in our last newsletter as well, but we simply has to pick it up again. As we mentioned formerly Still, formerly Echolyn. It's much closer to Echolyn though, but not quite as complex. But it's a great album, and if you are weeping over Echolyn, there's comfort to be found here. And the cover of the Gentle Giant song "Aspirations" is awesome, it's not just a cover, they have actually maneged to develop it in to a modern 90's progsong. Price: SEK 159.-"

  · In the UK, GFT Mail Order Catalogue (£13.50).

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