updated 5/08/98

1. "Blind Date" - column by Wolfgang Hierl of High Wheel. - review of echolyn's As The World (from Progressive Newsletter, Nr. 16, August 1997). " of the best prog albums I've heard in a long time." translation

2. Interview with Still, from Progressive Newsletter - "Or: how it's going after the breakup of Echolyn."

3. Review of God Pounds His Nails from FMQB Progressive (Feb 1998). " put it simply, A&R departments from coast-to-coast looking for something unique (and reeking of positive artist development!) should perk up and give Bridge Management a call request some information on this amazing band."

4. Review of first Still CD, from Harmonie magazine #32 (September 1997). (coming soon...)  "...Still's grunge approach has class. These fellows are musicians above all. Even if [Echolyn's] music has been altered, the bottom line remains just about the same."  "...this album has plenty of musical richness going for it."  "...All audiophiles will surely recognize the talent of these musicians, who unquestionably help drive the prog world."

5. Review of first Still CD, from Big Shout. "...a compelling listen..."

6. Review of God Pounds His Nails (from Progression magazine)

7. Exposé review of first Still CD (Oct. 1997). "...very highly recommended."

8. Atlanta press - review of first Still CD.
"Best of all, they don't have those damn toy keyboard sounds that plague Echolyn CD's. Give this disc a listen."

9. Progression magazine Review of Always Almost & Discipline show at the Mask and Wig, May 9, 1998.

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TRANSLATION: Echolyn is certainly reminiscent of Gentle Giant. But the influence works beautifully indeed, and I have to say that the songs certainly sound nice. The performance is super all around; pleasant vocals; cool melodies that stick in your head; fluid sounds. A few convoluted time signatures creep through, and I could do without the "classical" intro -- just to point out some possible blemishes -- however, for me this is one of the best prog albums I've heard in a long time.

(High Wheel are a german progressive rock band who come from Munich. The group is made up of four members who between them play: guitars,keyboards, bass, drums, flute and all members add vocals. Excellent sophisticated compositions that the band use to full effect in their long compositions. Power chords are used sparingly and within the right settings of each composition. Good keyboard work and vocals are sung in English.)